Branches Of The Bank

IFSC Code Details of Branches
S.No IFSC Code Name Of The Branch Name Of The Branch Manager Mobile E-Mails
1 APBL0005002 Head Office Sri.G.SrinivasaRao(I/C) 9704678832 [email protected]
2 APBL0005003 Akividu Sri M. Bhaskararao 9704678790 [email protected]
3 APBL0005004 Attili Sri B N V Satyanarayana 9704678797 [email protected]
4 APBL0005005 Bhimadole Sri K Lakshmana Rao 9704678794 [email protected]
5 APBL0005006 Buttayagudem Sri K. Seetaramaswamy 9704678806 [email protected]
6 APBL0005007 Bhimavaram Main Sri N Srinivas (I/c) 9704678796 [email protected]
7 APBL0005008 Bhimavaram Bazar Sri Y V Subrahmanyam 9704678795 [email protected]
8 APBL0005009 Chintalapudi Sri P. Chandrasekhar 9704678807 [email protected]
9 APBL0005010 Chagallu Sri K Satyanarayana 9704678836 [email protected]
10 APBL0005011 Dwarakatirumala Kum Veera Kumari 9704678831 [email protected]
11 APBL0005012 Eluru Bazar Sri M Muralikrishna 9704678808 [email protected]
12 APBL0005013 Elamanchali Sri Ch. Srinivasa Rao (I/c) 9704678834 [email protected]
13 APBL0005014 Ganapavaram Sri B V Subbarao 9704678809 [email protected]
14 APBL0005015 Gopalapuram Sri CH. Nagesh Kumar (I/c) 9704678812 [email protected]
15 APBL0005016 Jangareddigudem Sri Ch Suresh (I/c) 9704678813 [email protected]
16 APBL0005017 Kamavarapukota Sri N Satyanarayana 9704678814 [email protected]
17 APBL0005018 Kovvur Sri M. Mohanarao 9704678815 [email protected]
18 APBL0005019 Koyyalagudem Sri G Mohanrao (I/c) 9704678816 [email protected]
19 APBL0005020 Marteru Sri T Subbarao 9704678817 [email protected]
20 APBL0005021 Mogaltur Sri Y Srininvasa Rao(I/c) 9704678835 [email protected]
21 APBL0005022 Narasapuram Sri N Ramakrishnam Raju 9704678819 [email protected]
22 APBL0005023 Nidadavole Sri I V Nageswara Rao 9704678818 [email protected]
23 APBL0005024 Palacole Sri V V N S R V Prasad 9704678820 [email protected]
24 APBL0005025 Penugonda Sri G Suresh Babu 9704678821 [email protected]
25 APBL0005026 Peravali Sri I Nageswara Rao 9704678823 [email protected]
26 APBL0005027 Ramachandrarao Pet Sri K Surendra Prasad 9704678824 [email protected]
27 APBL0005028 Satrampadu Sri Y Pandurangarao 9704678825 [email protected]
28 APBL0005029 Tadepalligudem Main Sri D Anjaneya Reddy (I/c) 9704678826 [email protected]
29 APBL0005030 Tadepalligudem Bazar Sri M Srinivasarao 9704678827 [email protected]
30 APBL0005031 Tanuku Sri T R K Murthy 9704678828 [email protected]
31 APBL0005032 Tallapudi Sri M Hanumantharao 9704678810 [email protected]
32 APBL0005033 Veeravasaram Sri E Nageswara Rao 9704678829 [email protected]
33 APBL0005034 Yernagudem Sri K Bhaskara Kumar (I/c) 9704678830 [email protected]
34 APBL0005035 Vegavaram Sri V Srinivasa Rao (I/c) 9000735638 [email protected]